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Our MissionX-ray examination of the lungs. Despite the fact that this type of diagnosis is not very informative, you can visually notice changes that signal a pathological change in the organ. Computed tomography (CT). A more informative diagnostic method that helps to identify the structure of an organ and examine changes in the organ in more detail. Electrocardiogram. If interstitial pneumonia is not treated promptly, complications often arise that can affect the heart. An ECG is necessary if complications are suspected. Sputum examination. If the cough is wet, laboratory testing of sputum may be required to determine sensitivity to antibacterial agents. Biopsy. In some cases of betnovate cream, a histological examination of the organ may be prescribed.

As mentioned above, interstitial pneumonia can lead to undesirable consequences. Against the background of a general illness, the following may occur. Lung fibrosis. The most common complication that occurs when connective tissue grows. Secondary infection. Occurs if the disease is not detected in time. The mucus in the lungs begins to build up and rot, which can lead to sepsis or an abscess. Heart problems. Diseases of the respiratory system often cause complications in the heart. Most often, heart failure or arrhythmias of various etiologies occur. Oncological disease. The most dangerous moment is the development of organ cancer. It is more common in experienced smokers.

If you notice the first symptoms of the disease, be sure to consult a doctor for diagnosis and betnovate treatment. It is also worth mentioning that interstitial pneumonia in children and newborns occurs a little differently. High body temperature necessarily signals the development of the disease. Complications in children are quite common. In addition to the above, pulmonary edema or emphysema may occur. Interstitial pneumonia should be treated immediately after diagnosis. In this case, the chances of a full recovery and avoidance of serious complications are significantly increased.birth. It is worth noting that the disease is treated exclusively in inpatient settings.

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The main therapy is medications from the group of glucocorticosteroids. The drug Prednisolone has proven itself to be excellent. As a complementary therapy, adults and children are prescribed antibacterial agents according to age. For high efficiency, the medicine is administered intramuscularly. Typically, a broad-spectrum drug is used - Ceftriaxone. It is mandatory to take betamethasone medications that help thin and release sputum. Oxygen therapy is prescribed, which stimulates the restoration of lung tissue and respiratory function. Intramuscular vitamin courses are indicated. This is necessary to stimulate increased immunity. Vitamins of the main groups (A, B, C, D) are usually used.

In addition to the main treatment, adherence to a certain diet is indicated. Against the background of the disease, patients with interstitial pneumonia rapidly lose weight, which is extremely undesirable during treatment. For this reason, the maximum calorie intake is prescribed. Depending on the individual characteristics of patients, nutrition may vary.

The course of treatment for interstitial pneumonia is strictly individual. The duration of betamethasone therapy depends on the form of the disease, its severity and the individual characteristics of the body. Of course, traditional medicine recipes are not capable of ridding a patient of his illness. But still, doctors recommend using them as additional therapy. Some recipes help remove mucus and restore respiratory function. Let's take a closer look.

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